Zeus and Kookaburra

Zeus with his Trident sitting comfortably in Palace Garden, Sydney

"Ohh please... Paparazzi again", thought the Kookaburra, watching the majestic Pacific ... as 4 tourists stopped to click it's picture.

The shadows tell stories too, if you look too deep


  1. Beautiful captures. Loved the 1st pic the best!!

  2. What great captures. I could hardly live further from the sea!

  3. Looks like Zeus is poking those fluffy clouds! Beautiful shot.

  4. nice shadow shots, curious though, whose standing above Zeus. Have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  5. Zeus looks resplendently relaxed. And the kookaburras in my peninsula world seem to love attention. Finally a delightful patchwork of shadows.

  6. Pretty sky above Zeus! And I would love to see the Kookaburra..Great shots. Have a happy day!

  7. I can see a bear in you shadow pic :)


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