Opera House n Ooty

Sydney Opera House

The iconic opera house is a performing arts center in Sydney. The architecture is fabulous. On a sunny day, the reflection it casts on the water is just as stunning.


 My road trip to Ooty  was one of the most memorable trip. The scenic locales and refreshing atmosphere was the much needed break I was looking for from by hectic schedule.

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  1. Beautiful! Both the Opera house and Ooty. One is man made beauty and the other just natural... :)

  2. The Pics of the Opera house are amazing and Ooty looks so dreamy. Maybe a summer vacation to Ooty to escape the oppressing heat :)

  3. great snaps of Ooty


  4. Beautiful pictures!
    I've been to Ooty. It's a beautiful place, and your photographs even more so!
    I know about Sydney Opera House thanks to Masterchef Australia.

  5. From opera to ooty - making me obsessed with you clicks!

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  6. Great minds think alike! I did the Sydney Opera House for the letter O as well.

  7. Two perfect places - Opera house in Sydney and Ooty. Marvelous and captivating..

  8. Lovely pictures. I was in Kochi for 12 years and we used to go to Ooty and Munnar very often, love the place.

  9. Beautiful!! I love reflections. :) Ooty looks glorious!
    Where Legends Begin

  10. I've actually been to the Opera House- splendid!


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