I spent last Christmas at Gold Coast, Queensland. Exotic locales, fun rides, beaches, food... yup it was pretty awesome.

This is Green Lantern Ride at Movie World, and I survived it :P mostly because I had my eyes closed all the time.

The night view of Gold Coast from 77 th floor - Skypoint.

And the day view. Ohh the ocean looked absolutely stunning.

Adorable dolphins at Sea world. The would swin near you if you clap :D

A ray swimming in shark tank

A view from the entrace where all the water shows happen at an alloted time.

As we go further from Surfer's Paradise, we come across more beaches. 

Standing in front of Islander, a hostel for backpacking travellers. It was opposite to the place where we stayed.

Ohh the delicious English breakfast, I so miss the hashbrowns ... yummmm

A lovely ous view of Surfer's paradise from Springbrook, which about an hour away.

I hope you all liked this jouney :)

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  1. Fabulous pics of beautiful Qld, Raj :)

  2. We skipped all of the amusement parks in the Gold Coast, and just did the beaches. Maybe that's why we preferred the Sunshine Coast. One day we will go back and try again. Looks wonderful through your eyes.

  3. the closest i got to dolphins was in sentosa....and i swear by the therapeutic efect they had on me!! great pics..!


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