Springbrook, Queensland

Springbrook, Queensland (Australia) 

About an hour away from Surfer's Paradise (Queensland) is situated Springbrook National Park. If you plan your day well, you can enjoy the amazing natural beauty that the place has to offer.

Natural boardwalk, Canyon lookout, Camping, Glow worm caves, bushwalking - Springbrook satisfies the appetite of nature and adventure lovers.

Here's one of the lookout. You can see a fade view of Surfer's Paradise towards the horizon.

The boardwalk makes it easier for people to enjoy the surroundings.

The stump below is more than 1000 years old. After research here's the story I found

On 26 April 1911 the first school in Springbrook opened with a class
of 15. The first headmistress was Miss Elizabeth McMahon.
A 1000 year old tallowood tree was felled next to the school as it
was considered a danger. The remains are known today as "the Big

The Canyon Lookout offers a scenic view of Springbrook plateau and the national park.


  1. Beautiful photos. Is Springbrook inland?

    1. Thank you Rhonda, yes I think Springbrook is inland.

  2. HI -- You are back -- I have missed seeing your posts. Again, so beautiful. Thank you

    1. thank you so much Carol :) glad to see you here :)

  3. Beautiful pictures particularly the last three and you look very sweet.

  4. Beautiful pics! Oh and I love your dress :)

    My Own Famous Five...

  5. Beautiful pics and the stump does look very old.

    1. yes I couldn't believe it was 1000 years old. thanks for stopping by.

  6. Loved seeing you pictures! ♥


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