The Rhino Galore

125 colorful and brilliantly designed Rhino sculptures have been placed all around Sydney CBD, initiated by Taronga Zoo to spread awareness about Rhinocerous. 

Title- Sunrise: Wake up with friends
This one is qite colorful, painted in bright colors and a rising sun :)

Title - The Urban Jungle
I loved the Zentangle like patterns in this one. Quite a stylish Rhino.
The artist built this based on her experience in Africa

Title - The Hatching
And this one went blue :)
Acc to Taronga Zoo website, the inspiration was "The rhino is hatching out of an egg into a myriad of colours, representing hope for the future of the Rhino and that we can help the process of protecting and growing the numbers of wild Rhinos."

Title - Closer to Home
This Rhino is made of waste material. You can see plastic and waster bottles inside it. The surface is wax like, smooth and solid.

The non-organic rubbish was collected from both Taronga Zoo and the home of the artist, suggesting that such concerns are not abstract and removed from the incremental consequences of our daily lives.

Title - Camouflage
This Rhino has gone Zebra style :P

Title - My Rhino's Keeper
And we have a Stud Rhino too. The Rhino displayed many common tatoos like Koi the fish, dragon etc.

So which one did you like the most?


  1. Everyone of them is beautiful, Rajlakshmi. But my personal favorite is the blue one! What a fantastic concept for wild life preservation!

  2. My favorite was the zebra. I think he looked the most like an animal. I always have problems with fantasy figures! Prefer reality.:)

  3. Rajlakshmi, I'd so love a miniature collection of those rhinos! They are very cute. And a clever idea with a message!

  4. I liked the idea of using non-organic materials to make something unique. all the rhinos are colourful and beautiful.

  5. IS that what it was about? I remember seeing one around the Rocks area a while ago... Very clever. Even though I'm not a fan of Sunrise, I like the Sunrise one... :)

  6. I loved them all, Rajlakshmi but I loved the Sunrise one, best of all. What a great idea to raise awareness!

  7. This is amazing!! Our town did something similar. I live in a town called Elkhart, so local artists designed and painted Elk statues to be placed all over the city. Afterwards they were auctioned off to the highest bidder and are still on proud display around town by those that bought them.


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