Blue Sky and Sydney Ferry Ride

I never miss an opportunity to go by Sydney Ferries. Be it visiting Manly Beach or Darling Harbour. Last weekend I visited Cockatoo Island, located about 30 minutes from Circular Quay, Sydney.

I thought of writing a single post, describing both the ride and Cockatoo Island, but the views on the way were so beautiful that I had to split it into two posts.

Here's the iconic Sydney Opera House
(More pictures Here -Opera house at night and here)

And here we are sailing away from it, going under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Every time I sail by Ferry, I can't help but marvel how blue the sky is and how beautifully the blue sky is reflected on the water.

And we are almost there.

I loved the drama in the sky. Clicked after I reached Cockatoo Island.

Stay tuned to walk along Cockatoo Island.

All pictures are clicked by me using my Motorola Razr. 


  1. The rush of water gave me one too.. NICE


  2. Lovely pics. that sky looks spectacular

  3. Both the sky and the water are RICH BLUE. Love the pics :)

    Destination Infinity

  4. Awesome pics...!!!

  5. This is gorgeous!

  6. Hi Rajlak,

    your pics are awesome. Thanks for sharing them with me.


  7. Gorgeous photos! Now I want to visit there even more! :o)

  8. The second shot is brilliant!

  9. I love the shot with the bridge! How fantastic a ferry ride that must be.

  10. Good choice to do two posts and share all these amazing views. I love days with such rich blue color.

  11. What blue was raining when I was there

  12. This post brought back some memories :)


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