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I am slowly getting addicted to Instagram craze (Rajlakshmihb). I post pictures of my travel almost everyday. It's definitely a fun and easy way to connect with people who are just as enthusiastic about travelling as I am. Plus I can quickly browse through a whole list of beautiful and exotic places.

Now that May is over, I thought why not share few of my travel photos that had most number of likes :)

A huge Cactus in Sydney Royal Garden

At Sydney Opera House, overlooking Sydney Harbour Bridge
A beautiful Boardwalk, which I came across near Watson Bay

 Shelbourne Hotel near Darling Harbour
Entrance of Sydney Royal Garden

Adventure Zone in Kerala, India

Sunset at Kanyakumari, Southermost landtip of India

This picture is almost 6 years old. Watching the waves crash at Mahabalipuram

The Bali memorial structure (for victims of Bali blast) at Dolphin Point, Coogee Beach

I want to make a special mention to Brooke Saward, the awesome 22 year old proffessional travel blogger, who has been an inspiration behind my travel blog. She has visited 39 countries to date. Her stunning photographs of locales, so beautiful and gorgeous, makes me wanna drop everything run to those places. Her Instagram profile is -worldwanderlust

This is a picture from her blog - World of Wanderlust

I hope you liked this post. I am planning to continue this as a monthly series to feature my Instagram photos as well as bloggers who inspire me. :)

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  1. Well it's an amazing collection of wonderful a refreshing feeling...

  2. Quite a wonderful collection of memories there, time spent in beautiful places. Especially love that cactus and that boardwalk! What colour, both of them! Keep sharing such beauty captured through your camera :)

    1. thank you so much Beloo for your kind words :)

  3. The picture of the pink bridge near Watson Bay has to be my favourite! Love the fact that you take photos with such passion!

  4. I feel like running away to these beautiful locations you have shared, lovely.

  5. Love visiting these exotic exciting places with you! Great pictures! ♥

  6. Lovely post

  7. Such wonderful clicks. The entrance of Sydney Royal Garden was my favourite :)

  8. Great idea! I like the photo of the sunset at Kanyakumari, although it looks like you weren't the only one there. :) Very nice to thank the bloggers who inspire you!

    1. yeah there was a huge crowd waiting to see the sunset :) thank you for visiting my blog :)

  9. Nice shots! I follow you now with GFC and Instagram! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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