La Perouse Beach, Sydney

La Perouse is a suburb in the South Eastern part of Sydney. It takes about half an hour from City (Central) to reach La Perouse Beach. I have visited the place twice till now.

The first time I was there, it was drizzling and so windy that I could hardly stand still. But then, I love the rains. The below picture was taken when I saw the rain actually coming towards me, from a distance. It was quite fun. As soon as I clicked this, I ran to find a shelter and it looked like the rain was chasing me :)
La Perouse looks absolutely beautiful on sunny days. The clear sky and delightfully blue water makes up for the chilly winds. Yeah, it's very very windy in this part.

La Perouse Museum.

That's Bare Island. It was described as 'a bare island' by early explorer Lieutenant James Cook. I know about the island not for it's history, but for the fact that final scenes of Mission Impossible 2 were filmed here :D

Yes, the water looks this blue. :)

One can walk down the wooden bridge to reach Bare Island.

The round stone 19th century Custom Tower, was built for a small guard of soldiers to prevent smuggling. It was constructed in the year 1820-22 and is the first building in this area.

Through the bushes, there's a path to go down to the beach. It's a wonderful place to be, specially for those who love quiet beaches or scuba diving. On warm sunny days, you can lie on the grass and soak in the sun.

And that's me, walking on the bridge, towards Bare Island.

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  1. Gorgeous place, gorgeous shots!

  2. wonderfully photographed... sigh. Why is it that beaches in India look so 'plain' in comparison :D

  3. Hi! The colors of sky and sea are fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  4. the colours are toooo good!!! lovely clicks..n next time when rain comes to you don't run for shelter but embrace it

  5. Lovely clicks. The water is sooooo blue!!

  6. What a beautiful place. That blue is stunning

  7. Thanks for this lovely photo tour! I've never been to Australia but it's definitely on the Bucket List.

  8. Oh wow that's an amazing blue - like lapis lazuli.- one of my favourite shades of blue.

  9. What a wonderful striking blue! Gorgeous place!

  10. Stunning, I would love to walk all the way to that cool island, beautiful

  11. Australia has some stunning beaches and seen in DCH. Lovely pictures:)

  12. What a beautiful beach! I would love to visit Sydney :D Happy TPMonday!

  13. its a beautiful area. The water is quite lovely. Thanks for sharing.


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