UBC 3 - Bhadra Dam, India

About two years ago, my husband and I decided to go on a long road trip, from Bangalore to Goa. We took a day off and with a list of all the places that we could visit on the way, we started our exciting journey. Our plan was to reach Jog Waterfalls by afternoon, without stopping, but I insisted on getting down at B R P Dam, just for half an hour. I had seen pictures of the Islands on internet and wanted to experience that in real.

The road to the Dam is about 11 km off, from the main road. You need to keep track of the signs. The place is situated about 28 Km from the city of Shimoga.

Even in January, it was extremely sunny and humid. Before we started our climb, my husband wanted to have something cold and liquid :)

The stairs that took us to the entrance of the Dam.The dam is constructed across river Bhadra and the height of the dam is 194 ft.  There are a number of islands created by the Bhadra river.(link)

A view of the Dam from the stairs. The water looked so white, as if someone had opened a can of milk. I wasn't prepared for what lay beyond this. The scene was in stark contrast to it's surroundings.

At one point it looked almost magical. So serene and calm, absolutely gorgeous.

Afar you can see little islands. There are boat services that take tourists to the island. It must be amazing to sail to across this water mass, but unfortunately it was closed when we arrived.

I loved watching the light shimmering on the surface of the water. Tried to capture it, but my camera wasn't so sophisticated. Everything was in my favorite shade of blue.

It was hard to believe that something so extraordinary was hidden behind all the land and roads.

We walked and roamed around for few minutes. I wanted to stay but the scorching sun wasn't really helping much :)

Once I had finished capturing all my favorite views and hydrated myself with enough water, we set off to Jog Waterfalls.


  1. hey this place is close to my home :) say some 30 mins journey :D lovely snaps btw :-)

  2. I haven't done this route by road, but I can see how beautiful it is, Rajlakshmi. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Truly picturesque and absolutely beautiful! Good that you stopped and experienced this place!

  4. WOW! is the only word coming to my mind. Such a beautiful place.

  5. Wow, Rajlakshmi, the place is so enchanting. Thanks for sharing the photographs.

  6. What a beautiful place. That blue is amazing and you captured the shimmer too.

  7. Beautiful!! Love road trips...you can travel at your pace, stop and click, the roadside joints...ah I have been dying for a break n now I know it has to be another road trip!

  8. This will be one of my soon-to-do road trip.

  9. Such Amazing photographs Rajlakshmi. Thanks for sharing them here. I too love road trips, there can be nothing better, isn't it?
    keep travelling, keep shooting, keep posting! We're all loving it ;)

  10. Raj, love the pics and write up :) I did my Masters in the Kuvempu uni which is right next to BRP, so when free we students would make our way there...its a gem.

  11. What a lovely trip! The blue of the water reminds me of Greece. Great photos; thanks for sharing your outing.

  12. There's so much to see in India... hope one day I will....

  13. Looks extremely beautiful, Rajlakshmi...and yeah your favorite blue adorns this post so picturesquely.

    By the way, isn't clicking dams banned :P Anywa, nice clicks yet again :)

  14. That water does look like someone opened a bottle of milk! Also, you captured the sparkle of the water - I love it! Happy TPMonday!

  15. Love that subtle hue of orange on your second capture of the dam. India has been on my bucket list... hope I find my way there soon. :)

  16. I enjoyed seeing your colourful, scenic photographs during your journey. Carole at snaphappyonline.blogspot.com

  17. What contrasting views you captured. the water land the islands look quite magical.


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