Food, Music, Dance - Deepavali Fair in Sydney

Colorful... Lively... Musical... Delicious...

The Diwali celebration at Prince Alfred Park, Parramatta made me feel like I was back in India. It was a beautiful event organised by Hindu Council of Australia. Dancers, graceful and talented, tapped to the classical beats as well as latest pop numbers, while the crowd enthusiastically cheered on. The park was decorated in bright and lively colors. A long row of stalls were serving different varieties of Indian Cuisine, from main course like Chole Bhature , Biriyani to numerous Street food and chats.

These beautiful pot like decorations are made of rubber tyre. I so loved this concept and the color combination.

Kids unleashed their creative side as they filled in the colors.

And guess what, there was Camel ride too, which was being enjoyed by many visitors. (Although I am not a fan of exploiting animals for entertainment )

These 90 awesome dancers surely stole the show by their stylish moves.


  1. Beautiful and creative. I am looking forward to Diwali here in Singapore. Looking forward to the food!

  2. Fabulous post Raj about your Diwali in your home away from home. Wonderful colours and sights :)

  3. Sounds like a great time! Loved seeing your colorful pictures. ♥

  4. That's a WoW post and lovely pics.
    Happy Diwali:)

  5. Wow.. talk about celebrating Diwali in style abroad! That's more celebration than we have down here in Kerala IN INDIA itself :)

  6. Wow! must have been super exciting! Happy Diwali!


  7. It looks colorful and fun, and if it brought you home in your mind, that's good too.

  8. Happy Diwali.... this festival looks like a lot of fun


  9. Amazing colors! Illumination, joy, dance and culture -- a Diwali melding in Sydney of all places. Beautiful to see it reaching so far and wide. Hope you enjoyed!



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