Road Trip - Sydney to 12 Apostles itinerary

A very Happy New Year to all my readers. I am back after being on road for 8 days. It has been one of the most exciting trips I have ever been to. My husband and I have been planning on this trip since October, so as soon as the holidays began, we hopped into our car and off we went, covering over 2500 kms. The Australian geography is unbelievably beautiful. Winding roads, snaking coastlines, meadows over hills, forests meeting the sea, beautiful animals and birds ... the journey was absolutely refreshing.

Our itinerary : Sydney-> Batemans Bay -> Lakes Entrance-> Melbourne -> 12 Apostles -> Canberra

For the next few weeks I would be writing on each place I visited, but for now, here's a short description of places we stopped by

Day 1: We had photo sessions on Sea Cliff Bridge, Stanwell Park as well, grabbed a bite at Kiama, walked along Wollongong Harbour, stunning view from Mt Pleasant. By the time we reached Ulladulla, we were stuck in blinding rain. But the skies cleared a little as we neared Batemans Bay

We stayed at Batemans Bay for two nights.

Day 2: River cruise on River Clyde which continued till 2:30 pm. After that we went for a walk along river Clyde and visited beaches in Batehaven

Day 3: Went to Birdland Animal Park and then started towards Lakes Entrance. On the way we stopped by Mogo Village and Narooma
It was about 7:30 pm when we reached Lakes Entrance

Day 4: Went for a run along Lakes Entrance path and spent the morning relaxing, enjoying the view. We started for Melbourne at 11 am. Stopped by Sunday Market in a town called Paynesville. 

Spent 2 nights in Melbourne

Day 5: Walked around Melbourne city, markets, Shopping center  and had some fun time with friends living there.

Day 6: Started for 12 Apostles quite late as we wanted to watch the sunset as well. We stopped by Anglesea, Lorne and Apollo Bay. Reached 12 Apostles at 7 pm but stayed till sunset. We had booked a hotel in Colac, which was about an hour away.

Day 7: Visited Lake Colac and started for Canberra. The sunset at Canberra was even more mesmerizing. We stayed late to watch the new year fireworks.

Day 8: Visited Parliament House and Dinosaur museum before started back to  Sydney.

Phew!! Exciting isn't it :D Stay tuned for more.

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  1. I envy you. And I'm angry at myself. For not having taken the time to travel when I could. Sigh! Lovely pictures and quite a packed itinerary, I'd say, Rajlakshmi. Good luck and may you travel far and wide.

  2. Stunning pictures. Seems like you had a blast. Happy 2015.

  3. Absolutely beautiful pictures, so tempting that I want to visit these places too. Waiting for more!!

  4. That picture of those rock formations in the sea is my absolute fave! Looks surreal! So glad to know you had a wonderful trip! :)

  5. Welcome back Raj and Happy New Year to you! :) Such awesome photos: are those colours all so real: they are so brilliant?! ;) <3

  6. beautiful scenery you enjoyed on your getaway. I LOVE image # 6

  7. Gorgeous shots! What a great trip.

  8. Awesome Rajlakshmi...You seem to have had a great time....Loved the pictures!

  9. Sounds like you saw some amazing sights and had a fun time.

  10. That's the kind of road trip our humans love. Although they never go on road trips longer than 4 days.

    Emma and Buster

  11. I've been admiring your trip pics that you have been posting on Facebook. Lovely clicks! Australia is beautiful indeed. I've had the chance to visit a few of these places and Kiama blow hole was one of my favorites :)

  12. Great skies. I loved that road trip too when I did it a few years ago.

  13. Beautiful captures of your journeys

    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  14. Gosh I'd love to visit Australia - what a fascinating country.
    Please share at

  15. What an amazing journey! How was food on the way?


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