Vivid Sydney - Martin Place

I went for a stroll again, around the Sydney CBD to watch the beautiful lights and exhibits set up for Vivid. It was unbelievably packed at Circular Quay. This time we gave the Opera House and Custom House a miss, more so because there was hardly any place to stand, and decided to walk towards Martin Place instead.

The crowd didn't get thinner, but we got to watch another display of stunning lights. Though, I have to stay, compared to last year's Urban Tree, this year wasn't as charming.

Have a look.

A Game of Drones
That red coloured thing in the middle is a remote controlled bot, visitors were allowed to have a go at colourful drones.


It looked like a colourful flower jungle. The round disks had sensitive copper ring around it, on touch it changed color and produced music.

Hey look, a Robot!! yes it was a giant robot shaking hands with visitors.


Here's how Martin Place looked.


  1. Amazing display of light! Great captures!

  2. I love the second photo in particular and cool that it plays music when you touch it! ;) Martin Place looks spectacular with all those lights and colours: thanks for sharing them Raj. :) <3

    1. it looks gorgeous with all the lights. Thank you :)

  3. Wow! Those captures are wonderful..So bright, well lit and colorful!

  4. oh wow awesome photos! I love the 2nd and 4th one :-)

  5. How cool! I love these photos - makes me want to visit your beautiful city!
    Thanks for sharing at


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