Sunrise hues

I was back at Clovelly beach (Sydney), before the sun made it's appearance. I  had to sprint towards my favourite spot, on a cliff overlooking the sea. From there, I could see the sun go up the sea straight in front of me. The horizon slowly changed into orange and red, in anticipation for the upcoming sunrise. 

Almost there... almost there ...

And there it is... slowly rising, bewitching the world.

I was there till the sky turned blue and the ocean an azure gorgeousness.


  1. This is beautiful! Next time, take a timelapse as well! Sunrise timelapse look brilliant! :)

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  3. Thanks for stopping by on my blog! I love travelling and will surely stop by again for some more amazing pictures from you!!

  4. Beautiful shots and great timing!

  5. lovely must have got up really early to capture these shots!


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