Wanderlust Tales: Upside Down Umbrellas #atozchallenge

Be it a giant squid on a bill board or a boat installed atop a shop, famous shoe tree or a car hanging down the roof, I have come across some very interesting structures while travelling. 

I saw these Upside Down Umbrellas near Stanhope Gardens, Australia last week. They look even more beautiful at night. However I am yet to find the story behind these structures. 

Along with ClaireParul and Shaliniwe have formed an Unconventional Alliance with A to Z co-host Pam Margolis as the ring leader ... all set to rock the party

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A: Assam
C: Casino
D: Dawn
F: Foood
H: Hiking
I: Island
J: Jorhat
M : Macau 
O : Overcast
P : Pagoda
S : Sahyadri


  1. Hey I've written about my umbrella that doesn't fly upside down ever!

  2. Interesting! I love good public art, especially when it makes you do a double take! Hope you are enjoying the A to Z!

  3. How intriguing! Do you think they have been put there by some kind souls to help birds build their nests in them? ;)

  4. Wow! Beautiful piece of work and so unique.

  5. Just read one more post on upturned umbrella!! These look cute

  6. Thanks for the interesting photos. I'm quite baffled by these structures. Wonder what those upturned umbrellas could be!


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