Kangaroo Point, Brooklyn

Towards Central Coast, before reaching Gosford, lies a stunning water view in a suburb called Brooklyn - nestled between mountains, where flows the serene Hawkesbury River. Situated about 50km from Sydney CBD, Kangaroo Point is a gorgeous place for a quick road trip or even a pit stop while returning from longer ones.

My first visit to Kangaroo Point was last year, when my husband and I were driving back from Hunter Valley. Tired and sleepy by the long drive we decided to stop by Brooklyn to refresh and grab some snacks. It was a beautiful sunny day, just after the rain. I don't think I ended up eating anything. I was simply taken aback by the quietude of the place, not to mention the gorgeous scene: the kind that makes you remember all things beautiful and serene. 

We lingered  for an hour or so, soaking in the beauty, capturing moments to be framed and cherished.

Peats Ferry bridge

Afar you can see the railway line, connecting different suburbs near Sydney to Central Coast. 

Set your GPS to Estuary Restaurant or Kangaroo Point. Since it's next to the Pacific Motorway, if you miss the turn it would be tricky to navigate back to the spot.

Place: Kangaroo Point, Brooklyn, NSW
From Pacific Highway, take the Mooney Mooney Brooklyn exit towards Brooklyn

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  1. The water looks gorgeous in your pictures!

  2. I'd linger, too. You captured a lovely slice of heaven.

  3. What a beautiful place! Definitely, a place to stop by and take in the surroundings.

  4. Worth a pause! Such serene scenes!

  5. Beautifully blue .. lovely pictures

  6. I love the complete tranquility of the water in your shots. Such gorgeousness! Must definitely add Australia to my bucket list. Still envy the husband who did a couple of trips a few years ago.

  7. It is beautiful...Your posts make me want to go back to Australia woman...Strange thing is I have been working with Aussie Clients all my career and somehow feel a weird pull to it ..

  8. A wonderful spot in nature. Gorgeous images as well!

  9. What a lovely place. I was wondering if you had jaunted off to the US!

  10. Lovely images! There's a Kangaroo Point where I live too and for a minute I thought that's where it was :)

  11. Such gorgeous pictures and the blue makes me go green with envy. ;)

  12. What a lovely place to wander and just enjoy the view. Many times, when I lived in NSW, I travelled the Pacific Highway, but never stopped at Brooklyn. However, I do remember the bridge.

  13. I've always loved Brooklyn - it's just such a beautiful and relaxing place. Even driving over the bridge and looking down on it is enjoyable. We're so lucky to have such pretty places to visit here in Australia :)


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