Vivid Sydney - Circular Quay

It's that time of the year when Sydney is illuminated in brilliant colors of VIVID. Vivid Sydney is an annual festival of light when for 3 weeks lights, music and ideas intersect. Various world class sculptures are placed around the CBD area, that light up exactly at 6:00 pm and goes on till 11:00 pm. I got a chance to see the ones at Martin Place and Circular Quay before rains and thunderstorms lashed the city. Since the festival will go on till 18th June, I still have two weekends to check out the rest. For now, here's a glimpse of how Circular Quay looks at night.

Opera House drenched in stunning hues!!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Custom House became a canvas for displaying 'Sydney's Hidden Stories', a beautiful animated story that runs in loop till 11:00 pm, with just 30 second break in between.

Electric colors splashed on MCA building.

Other installations which enables  the visitor to interact and play with the lights.

Extrude - as you jump on the platform, you can see various colors rising and falling


I love you - The louder you scream 'I love you', the prettier the colors turn at the background

You can find more trails at Sydney Vivid home page 
It's very easy to reach Circular Quay by Train. Check Sydney Trains website for more details
The Event is FREE
Time: 6:00pm to 11:00 pm
Tips: Carry an umbrella as the weather is quite unpredictable these days. Wear comfortable walking shoes, warm clothes and don't forget your camera.


  1. The Quay was one of my favourite places to spend time in while in's still so mesmerising with all the lighting..

  2. Wow! Look at those colours.

  3. Wow! Look at those colours.

  4. It's incredible, colorful and vibrant:)

  5. This is breathtakingly beautiful.

  6. Wow! Stunning capture. I remember these pictures from last year as well.Beautiful.

  7. Splendid clicks! Sidney in my travel destination list!

  8. Wow!! this is superb and classical capture. I love all the photographs.

  9. This is stunning. Wish all this happened when we were there.

    Beautiful pictures.

  10. so colourful. STtunning pictures!


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