Sunset O'er Blue Mountains

The Blue mountains always leave me spellbound. Serenely standing tall, this magnificent and marvelous dissected plateau comprises of mountain ranges and escarpments. It is no wonder that in the year 2000, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Area.
You will find numerous posts depicting it's beauty on my site ...  Be it lookoutswalking trails, scenic world or the steepest train.  But until last Saturday, what I had never seen before was a sunset over the mountains. Sounds charming doesn't it?

Since it's summer in Sydney, we have light for a longer period. In addition, due to daylight saving, the sunset time is now at around 8 pm. 

My husband and I drove to the Katoomba with the sole aim of watching the sunset. 
There were already many visitors with the same idea. The drive took about an hour, from north-west of Sydney to reach Echo Point. 

The famous Three Sisters Rock at Echo Point, Katoomba
There was a mysterious hue that day, the mountains looked foggy and blurred... maybe it was the sunlight. Jamison Valley looked extraordinarily blue when compared to other days.

Waiting... waiting... for the sun to go down.

And then the Magic happened.

I couldn't stop looking back as we walked away, towards the parking area. 


  1. Captivating! Your posts make me miss Sydney, Rajlakshmi :)

  2. What a beautiful place to witness the magical moments of the nature! The fourth picture of the sunset is soooo beautiful and picturesque.

  3. Wow! Each and every picture was a sight to behold; I would never have returned from the place, Raj! It was magnificent, indeed! I loved the name "Three sisters rock". I am sure there must be a story behind it, too! :)

  4. Beautiful capture of the peak sunset. Those mountains are so unusual in their color.

  5. What a beauty nature is! Good to know that your patience paid off :)

  6. Absolutely stunning captures, Rajlakshmi. I'm just thinking how much more beautiful it must have been to experience the sight for yourself.

  7. What a magical moment you've captured here!
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos at

  8. Superb photos!Nature at its best!

  9. What beautiful photos! I can see why there were many visitors. Gorgeous shots!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!
    ~Joy @ joysweb

  10. Brilliantly captured Rajlakshmi. The place is serene and the calmness seems soothing!! Lovely

  11. omg! That's so stunning. Beauty.

  12. That really is a magical sky! Beautiful captures.

  13. such a majestic sky! I remember visiting this beautiful place back in 2007..

  14. Lucky you.Seeing such gorgeous pics.I love beautiful places and you seem to capture these scenes perfectly.

  15. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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