Travel Tales: Gosford #atozchallenge

Location: Gosford Waterfront (NSW, Australia) 

I have seen the waterfront at Gosford in different moods. Sometimes it's pleasant, like a welcoming host urging you to visit its shore, and sometimes it wraps itself in a veil of fog, overcast by an intimidating silence. But beautiful nonetheless.

The restaurants near the waterfront served seafood delicacies that are completely Instagram worthy and will satisfy the foodie in you. 
When we ordered seafood platter for two, we had no idea what was in store. It was when the waitress asked us to move to a bigger table that we realized the massiveness of our dish. We seemed to have ordered the mother of all seafood platters. :P It was AMAZING!!

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  1. The Gosford waterfront looks so impressive buddy. Shall definitely accompany the next time he is off to Australia 😊

  2. I'm not a fan of seafood but your captures are beautiful. Look at the sky above Gosford. Awesome.

  3. Awesome pics..the one with the umbrella is too good!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  4. Lol...I have to laugh that you have Gosford on your list --- working in Gosford, most of us don't think highly of the place. However, I will agree, the waterfront is very pretty! :D

    Ghazal - Love

  5. The waterfront - love it - watching the sea in all her moods, calm, stormy, playful...such bliss!

  6. Stunning view and delicious platter. That's a lot of food .How many people is it for ?

  7. Stunning view and delicious platter. That's a lot of food .How many people is it for ?

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  9. I am not into seafood but these photographs make me wanna jump into them!!! The sky is an amazing azure!!! Loved it Raj

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    G is for Grape Stomping in Bangalore #atozchallenge

  10. What a lovely spot you have to visit! Beautiful! That seafood platter is incredible. YUM! Did you manage to finish it all? That's a lot of food! No wonder they said you needed a big table.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful, photos! My favorite is the one with the umbrella. It draws me in.

    Trudy @ Reel Focus
    Food in Film: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  12. Lovely place and we love seafood! It looks delicious.

  13. Ah, I saw that umbrella pic on IG. It's so wallpaper/postcard worthy!


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