Travel Tales: Resort #atozchallenge

Location: Confident Cascade Resort, Bangalore (India)

I have fond memories the day as this was the first time I played paintball with my Teammates in Bangalore. I loved the adrenaline rush of hitting the opponents, to reach the other side and capture the flag, which I couldn't do as I was 'killed' by a random color bomb. It was an outdoor activity on a hot day and I was sweating through my hair. But the game was equally exciting and fun. My clothes were stained in weird color combinations, not even my helmet was spared. I must be really bad at it :P

After the game, we headed towards the Resort and smashed down a delicious buffet lunch. The pool looked inviting ....

but this massive game of chess grabbed my attention...

and this massive bunch of flowers (I still couldn't find its name)

Check out the surroundings.

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  1. Oh, yes, I've heard of this resort. Never been, though.
    Those flowers really do look interesting. Wonder what they're called.

  2. Paintball is a fun activity. Is this place near Hesargatta

  3. Lovely flowers!
    I have seen this paintball activity only in movies. You're the first person I know, who has participated in this for real! :P
    Happy AtoZing!
    Chicky @

  4. Lovely resort with such a gorgeous setting. Must have been so refreshing after your paintball game. My son used to be into that for a while. I thought it was a bit weird myself. Am I showing my age? Haha!

  5. Looks like a very nice place. Love the chess set. Haven't played paintball but it's popular here.

    Suzy at Someday Somewhere - Respond Intelligently

  6. I love these flowers too- saw them in droves in Kashmir. Surprised to see them in Bangalore as I thought they are cold weather blooms. Sadly I don't know their name either :-)

    Ravanhatha-a unique musical instrument from Rajasthan

  7. Looks like a very nice place, the ambience and activities to do..! I have never tried paintball myself. I figure it must be painful getting hit from different directions unevenly all over the body.

    Research is very important, but how much research do writers put in?

    Readers of the Night


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