10 Travel Photographs from Sydney

10 Travel Postcards from Sydney

Balmoral Beach

After missing many turns and thwarting all the efforts by Google maps to confuse us, we finally made it to Balmoral Beach, just in time to catch a glorious sunrise.

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island is Sydney Harbour's largest island, where you can explore the island's convict and ship building history. It is a #UNESCO world heritage site, which was used as a prison for convicts in the 19th century. This photo is clicked in an old turbine building, which is the largest building on Cockatoo Island.

Chinese Garden of Friendship 

Nestled between tall buildings, in the heart of Sydney CBD is this beautiful and peaceful garden of friendship.

Wentworth falls - National Pass Trail

After hiking for more than an hour I came across this mini waterfall, which was flowing just below the beautiful Wentworth falls, in the Blue Mountains. You can read all about my hike here

Woy Woy

Woy Woy is a lovely coastal town in the state of New South Wales. This was taken on my first visit few years back. I didn't own a car back then, so took the train to reach the place and spent my time near the waterfront.

Fishers Bay

Few meters away from Spit Bridge - Fisher's Bay is the first Bay you come across on the way to Manly. Spit to Manly is a popular 10 km long coastal walk in Sydney. Since I am not a long distance runner or walker, this walk is just perfect for people like me. Moreover, the views on this walk is simply spectacular.

Darling Harbour

So I looked out of my 11th floor office window and ... behold!! A beautiful double rainbow splashed across the sky.

Watson Bay

The sound of waves crashing against the rocks filled the air at The Gap. This was clicked on another coastal walk along the cliffs at Watson Bay.

Bondi Beach

This was clicked  somewhere near Bondi Beach, when I was trying to complete Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. This is another extremely popular walk in Sydney that boasts of gorgeous views of the sea, the snaking coastline and a famous cemetery.


  1. Beautiful pictures! You really can't go wrong as a photographer in Australia. I mean, you can, but you really have to try at it! I loved your photo of Bondi Beach. I'd love to be there right this second, squidging my toes in the sand and running into the water!

  2. What beautiful photos! Of all these places, the only one I've heard of is Bondi Beach. Australia has been on my "bucket list" since I've been a little girl, growing up in New York City.

  3. Wow.. really post card pictures. Loved the sunrise click and Bondi beach photo.

  4. What amazing colours ! I actually thought the Chinese garden looked magical.... and somehow I imagined Bondi Beach to be crowded with people any time of the year and day. ( of course I've never been to Australia so this is obviously my own misconception)

  5. Such beautiful pictures, Raj! Esp. loved the sunset and the Friendship Garden! And, the beach, too....oh, I loved them all! And, it's so sweet of you to share these places with us! <3

  6. Sydney must be such a delight for your husband - so much beauty to capture - not in the least you! :)

  7. Beautiful photos! Bondi beach looks so amazing and I feel like just going and relaxing there!

  8. Wow. Stunning photos. Probably you'd find me on the Bondi Beach. Your pictures makes me wanna go to Sydney right now. Thanks for taking and sharing those pictures with us.

  9. Lovely photos - especially the one of the waterfall looks so serene! Would love to visit Sydney one day :D

  10. Such gorgeous views that makes life ten fold better and love the one from your office. What a treat to work at such a place.

  11. Such gorgeous views that makes life ten fold better and love the one from your office. What a treat to work at such a place.

  12. You live in a piece of heaven- what gorgeousness and amzing pics to highlight it too!! Really love your travel postcards Raj!!

  13. Beautiful pictures and post, I love the Chinese Garden of Friendship!

  14. What beautiful photos! My partner was born in Sydney and want to go back, I think you just helped convince me :)

  15. The Chinese Gardens of Friendship have been popping up all over my instagram lately! It looks like such a wonderful place to stroll through. Beautiful photos, they really make me itch to hop on a plane to Sydney! :)

  16. I've heard such great things about the Blue Mountains but have yet to see it with my own eyes! Wentworth falls looks incredible - goes to show there's more to Sydney than just Bondi and Darling Harbour!

  17. Lovely photos. Sydney still on my list, but soon I'm moving closer to Australia, so hopefully very soon, I'll go there.

  18. Wow. Gorgeous pictures. Chinese Garden of Friendship and Watson Bay surely caught my attention :)


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