Gorgeous Cherry Blossoms at Tulip Top Gardens

It's that time of the year when Cherry Blossoms adorn the roadsides in Australia. Spring is my favorite season here. The weather is just perfect for any kind of outing and the landscape is beautified by numerous variety of flora.

Like the last two years, this September too, I went to the stunning Tulip Top Gardens in Canberra, known for their gorgeous collection of Tulips and fascinating colors of Cherry Blossoms. They open their gardens every spring from mid September to mid October, for everyone to enjoy the bewitching beauty of nature.

We started quite late from Sydney and reached Canberra just before midnoon. On each visit, I find myself stuck at the entrance, mesmerised by the beauty of the place. Doesn't the entrance look magical!!

This section of the garden is called waterfall.

You can find Cherry Blossoms of almost every color. I didn't even know that so many varieties exist.

Since it was a bright and sunny day, the yellow blooms looked even more striking that day.

At the end of the garden, there's a path that goes uphill. Beautiful pink and white cherry blossoms were blooming along the side lanes. From the top of the hill, you get a stunning view of the landscape around Canberra.

The white Cherry Blossoms looked like snowflakes settled on the trees.

We spent the afternoon in the garden, treated ourselves to free tea/coffee, egg sandwiches and some live music. Apart from the flowers, what I love the most about the garden is it doesn't get too crowded, thus maintaining the aesthetic feel of the place. 

Hope I will be back next year too.

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Tulip Top Gardens 2016
Tulip Top Gardens 2015

Free Car Parking Available
Entry Fees Adult AUD 16.00
Dogs Allowed


  1. I thought these pictures were from Japan at first! Absolutely gorgeous. Cherry blossoms are so beautiful

  2. This is awesome. I'm from this city and have never got out to see the gardens. Hopefully this will change soon :)

  3. That is beautiful. I'm so happy that I saw that. It is autumn here. I miss the gentle beauty of springtime. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  4. What a splendid collection of photographs, Raj! Absolutely adore cherry blossoms. They adorn the cover of my Kindle too! I do wish I could come and see Australia soon. Maybe when I turn 40 next year :)

  5. This is breathtakingly beautiful. We hardly get to see these bright hues around here so this one makes me long for a trip to someplace away from the incessant rains of Bangalore! I'm so glad you're sharing these beautiful pics so we can at the very least see them and enjoy! :)

  6. Is it just me or do we have nothing like these gardens in India? I mean, they are so beautiful and so well maintained.

  7. Its simply amazing better than the Swiss pictures I have posted! Lol

  8. This is a treat to the eyes and glad that I started with this post early Monday morning:)

  9. This is soooo very beautiful Rajlakshmi!

  10. Oh the colors! Way too beautiful :)

  11. What lovely foliage! Def very happy spring colors! I must come to this place if I'm in down under during the spring season!

  12. Wow Raj- I mean wow!! I was waiting to see these pics and am not disappointed. Just glowing in envy as I so badly want to see it for myself too!!

  13. This post is just GORGEOUS. I bookmarked the Tulip Top Garden SO quick after reading this post. Wow, so vibrant!


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