Sunset at Cahill Lookout, Blue Mountains

I grew up in places where the silhouette of the mountains never leave the horizon. They are always there, standing tall, reflecting a blue hue that compliments the sky. Every evening, as the last rays of the sun filter through a canopy of tall bamboo trees,  you can hear the howls of a dozen of foxes afar.  I was young then,  a child who was scared to venture out in the dark.  But I still remember these mystical howls of the evening, every single day. My home state Assam,  a north eastern state in India,  is known for its biodiversity and beautiful landscapes.

You can imagine how much I missed the mountains when I moved thousand of miles away, to work in metropolitan cities. 

But a few years ago we made the decision to relocate to Sydney,  Australia. I was looking forward to better work related opportunities, but what I didn't know at that time was how incredibly beautiful and diverse the place is.  The surrounding area of Sydney is home to some magnificent landscapes and animal species. 

I am living in a place where the silhouette of the mountains prominently bedeck the horizon. The sunsets are magnificent and like me,  if you are a fan of twilight, you would hop into your car and drive an hour towards the Blue Mountains and watch the sun glide down the hills. 

The day was quite warm when I went there last December. But as the daylight slowly started diminishing, there was  a steep drop in the  temperature. Katoomba, generally is much colder than other suburbs, even in summer.  I waited outside our car,  staring into the never ending wilderness. 

This spot has become my most favorite place to watch a sunset in Blue Mountains. It's quiet and less crowed than other tourist spots like Echo Point. A place where I can admire the beauty and serenity of the mountains.

It feels surreal to watch the sun slowly, bit by bit,  disappear behind the mountains. But the show isn't over yet.  The sky looks the best after sundown, when the colors on the horizon looks so spectacular that you just want to keep staring at it,  till the darkness envelops the milieu.


  1. What a gorgeous view to look at! God painting a new sunset everyday!:)

  2. Stunningly gorgeous. Loved the narrative that accompanied the breathtaking scenes

  3. What an amazing write-up..I could visualise the hills in your home state through your writing.. Lovely phoetos..I have heard that Australia is a beautiful state. Recently I visited Tauranga in NZ and was blown by its beauty. Hope to visit Sydney some day

  4. Reading about the sun setting behind the blue mountains and all those photographs make it seem enchanting to me. How beautiful will it be to see in real? I hope I have told you I spent the first 9 years of my life in Guwahati, Assam and have lived in homes by the hill and on the hill.

  5. Your pictures always take me to a magical place!

  6. Ooh I don't think I know this place though there have been other beautiful places in the mountains to check out sunsets. You're right about how crowded Echo Point's frustrating sometimes. Beautiful pics!

  7. Each photo is prettier than the one before it.

  8. You are blessed to be able to experience such beauty. Lovely.

  9. Such a joy to capture such beautiful scenes! Sunsets are the best

  10. Wow I envy this vista that you relish everyday Raj- spectacualr also doesnt do it justice. Great photography!

  11. So beautiful! Such spectacular views are always treasured. :)

  12. How lovely. I could sit for hours and watch mountains too... there is something so spiritual about Mountains...

  13. What a beautiful place and what an amazing sunset!

  14. A stunning sunset, and a destination I didn't know. But I loved it!
    And great photos!
    - Una Veronica Vagante -

  15. That is a beautiful spot for sunsets! It is so interesting how different sunsets are in different locations as well.

  16. What a gorgeous spot to watch the sunsets! Twilight is my favorite time of day and I can see that from this viewpoint it's just lovely.

  17. I love love love Blue Mountains in Australia. I was lucky enough to visit them during my road trip on the East Coast last year. I think they were among one of my favorite places in the country. We took a trail of about 2 hours and it leads you right on the edge of the rocks with amazing views. You'll have such a great time living in Sydney! Congratulations on the move!

  18. You've described the Blue Mountains so beautifully it makes me want to go back. I lived in Sydney for 3 years and only got there once but I remember the sunset being magic too.


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