Leura Forest

I went on a bushwalk from Scenic Railway to Leura Forest in the Blue Mountains and from Leura forest walked up Fern Bower to reach Katoomba, NSW (Australia). The forest pathway was quite secluded. For a long time, it was just me and my husband, walking along narrow paths, connecting with nature.

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  1. I know we did lots of walking last time we were in Aussie, and I know we visited Katoomba, so I wonder if we were on this lovely path too.. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  2. wowwwwwwwwwwwwww *faints in surprise*

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    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  3. Another side of Australia - another view different from the high-rises and city landscape...Beautiful

  4. ooh LOVELY


  5. Stunning pictures. Would have loved to walk through these forests.

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  6. I would love to walk here and enjoy the greenery. Beautiful pictures.

  7. Haven't been to Leura yet...need to go there soon...

  8. I am sitting here with my Australian friend who is loving your pictures!

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  9. Nice pics. We have a Blue Mountain range in Jamaica too.


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