The Blue Mountains n Talakadu

I went to Talakadu (near Bangalore, Karnataka) on a one day trip with my teammates. It's a huge sandy area on the banks of Kaveri, where the river takes a sharp bend. For a charge of Rs 10 the boastmen would take you to the center of the river on these round boats.

I had read a lot about Blue Mountains before visited it, and indeed when you look towards the horizon, the mountains look bluish in color. We went on a 5 hour hiking up and down the mountains. It was beautiful and pretty adventurous too.

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  1. Oh my I would love to be in one of those round boats...lovely photos!

  2. I wonder why those boats are round? How unique. My parents lived in Sydney for a few years before I was born. My mother always talks about the blue mountains. Stunning pics.

  3. Been there thrice. Its a lovely place


  4. I have been to Talakadu and taken a scary ride in the basket boats :) Lovely.

  5. I have been to Talakadu and it's a fun place. Where are the Blue Mountains located. Amazing captures of both the places

  6. Love the pics Raj :) The round boats are called Coracles here in Bangalore

  7. awesome I wish to visit!

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  8. beautiful photos and really cool round boats.

  9. Stunning views, can sense the tranquillity even through a photograph.


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