Sydney Skyline

The evenings in Sydney, near the harbour, are magical. The light dances in the water, mirroring skyscrapers and boats, while a cool zephyr ruffles your hair. I had stood near the edge, many evenings, soaking in these beautiful views.

A reddish Mars shimmers high above, away from the glimmering stars of Southern Cross constellation, somehow still visible in the artficially lit surroundings. 

This is how Darling Harbour looks at night.

The view from Opera House is just as beautiful. 

Sunset over Syndey Harbour Bridge

Dusk at Circular Quay


  1. wow lovely shots, beautiful captures.

  2. I love that first photo of the bridge. Great sunset.

  3. Terrific night shots of the skyline.

  4. Beautiful photos. My favourite is the sunset over the Sydney Harbour bridge. I like how the bridge is partly silhouetted, not enough so that the details are missing but so it stands out against the sky.

    1. I am so glad you liked the photo. Thank you for your comment :)

  5. Sydney Harbour is really beautiful...Loved spending evenings there...

  6. Rajlakshmi, these photos are amazing! The sunset is unique!

  7. I loved the first one -- the busyness of the city and the COLORS!

  8. You are an amazing photographer, love your pictures.

  9. Great photos Raj! I think I would love to walk the circular quay! ;) <3

  10. These are amazing pictures, I love Australia and your pictures make me want to visit it more.

  11. Darling harbour is the most lively place I have ever been. Beautiful pictures 😃


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