Vivid Sydney 2014 - I

From 23rd May, Sydney has been transformed into a city of dazzling light and music. Wondering what Vivid Sydney is ?

Vivid Sydney is a cultural event that happens annualy in the asia pacific region during the month of May and June. This year the festival started on 23rd and will end on 9th June. Spectacular light shows and music, performances by world reowned artists are the highlight of the event. There are lot of idea exchange programs, forums, talks and debates by leading critical thinkers.

The architectural building in Sydney CDB are turned into a public canvas for light shows. The show starts at 6 pm everyday and is free.

I got a chance to see the stunning projection of light on MCA building in Circular Quay. There is a story that the artist is trying to tell, but it was too abstract for me :)

As the each chapter, you will find yourself gaping open mouth at the different patterns and designs the lights take, sometimes it gives a 3D effect too.

These snakes were really scary. They felt so real and creepy as they ran across the building. Absolutely brilliant work.

The light show repeats itself after some time. Once one show was over, I walked around to immerse in the lights that was surrounding me.

Kids and their parents were having a ball :D

The Opers House too adorned different fantanstic colors and patterns. 

Stay tuned for more :)


  1. My husband was in Sydney last year and got to see this. Amazing stuff! I wish I could see this in person, just once. Beautiful captures, Rajlakshmi!

    1. hope you get to visit this once :) thanks for writing in.

  2. This looks awesome! Waht a treat it must have been for the senses :) Great shots there, Rajlakshmi!

  3. Now that looks like a whole lot of fun and very colourful. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow!! So beautiful Rajlakshmi :) I wish I could see this once too!

    Swathi Shenoy

  5. WoW! Incredibly beautiful Rajlakshmi. I envy u..what an awesome city Sidney is:)

    1. Well you are welcome to visit it :) thanks

  6. Wow, clearly I went to Sydney at the wrong time. These are amazing. Thanks for sharing so many photos.


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