Vivid Sydney 2014 - II

Here's part 1 of the series, where stunning lights lit up MCA building (Circular Quay)

Last week my husband and I strolled along Martin Place to see the rest of the Vivid sculptures and light show. It is the first time the heart of Sydney CBD had become an integral part of Vivid. Martin Place was the location of the final fight between Neo and Agent Smith in The Matrix Revolutions.
After finishing our 10 km Spit to Manly walk, we took a ferry from Manly Warf to Circular Quay, and then walked from there to Martin Place.

Winter evenings are quite windy in Sydney. I clutched to my jacket and along with other people, who had slowly started gathering around the sculptures, eagerly waited for the clock to strike 6. 

And then just like that, the whole area lit up with green light beams across buildings and trees, mist hanging in the air and lovely music playing in the background. I have never seen Martin Place look this  colorful and dreamlike. 

 I hopped around the green lights, while my husband tried to capture my Shrek like avatar.  

This is Sky Flower, which feeds on electricity and has copper roots. Read more here

Sky Flower was conceived by studying and then amalgamating the forms of a variety of winter flowers. The artistic intention was to develop a work that envelops the space around it and draws you in from afar. On a clear night, you can see the light output produced by Sky Flower from several miles away; the piece is designed to act like a beacon, calling out for people to travel into the city to experience the bright lights of Vivid Sydney.

The giant luminiscent dome that you see below is called the Geo Glow Dome.
According to the site -  

The installation transforms a structural object into a 3D surface, which you can walk in and around, and manipulate and control. Using simple touch-screen controls, you and a friend can control the lights on the entire dome – one of you can change the colour and intensity, and the other can manipulate masking and effect.

Here's a closer look

People in Martin place must have noticed this Giant Head sculpture called e|MERGEnce. You can actually lend your face to it.

Your mobile camera acts like a webcam and projects your face on the face of the sculpture. Look how the face of a cute little girl appears on the giant head. Her mom had a hard time making her smile. :)

What intrigued me most was Water fountain. Initially I thought that a continuous stream of water was flowing (Like a waterfall) and the trick was done by light. But that wasn't the case. The shape is formed by water. Here's a gif I made for better clearity. It looked absolutely marvellous.

Stay tuned for more stunning lights of Vivid Sydney


  1. Absolutely WOW! Stunning images there!
    But can't help wondering how much electricity is actually used to do all these installations?

  2. Super shots. I felt the excitement. Your pictures are so vivid, it's like being there.

  3. I am unable to get over that water picture and the projection of the face onto the head! Sydney, time I paid you a visit :D

  4. I'm dying to be in Sydney right now. It's ecstasy and dream too awesome to be true:)

  5. Oh wow -- thanks for taking us out on your evening walk --- so enjoyed it - the lights are awesome:-)

  6. That giant head sculpture is really weird. I can't decide if I like it or just find it creepy.


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