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I am a happy traveller. Bright sun and beaches are enough to get me out of the house. I have been to Manly Beach a lot of times, but somehow never went beyond that.

A week ago, while the sun was still playing hide and seek, I went for a walk around Cabbage Tree bay, a 15 minute walk from Manly Beach. That's all I could manage that day as it started raining heavily after that.

I am a foodie, love trying different cuisines. Here's a seafood hot-pot at a Korean Restaurant in Sydney CBD. Look at those king prawns!!

This picture of Clontarf Beach makes me miss the warm sunny days. This is one of the beaches where dogs are allowed to go for a swim.

Twice Twist Bands- Sculpture by the sea, at Bronte Beach. Just past this is one of the most beautiful burial grounds - Waverly Cemetery

Skywatch Friday


  1. Lovely pictures. My husband visited Manly beach and never let me hear the end of it. Kept saying it is a 'Man'ly beach. Men, I tell you ;)

  2. Lovely pics!!! I loved the first and the King Prawns of course!!! :)

  3. That sculpture is breathtaking and so are your photography skills. There's something about the unending sea that's so calming.

  4. These are beautiful shots. That hot pot looks delicious.

  5. Beautiful, I would love to visit this area some day, it's always picture perfect isn't it?

  6. Lovely pics Rajlakshmi! Brought back memories of visit to Bronte Beach!

  7. Beautiful blue water. Ours isn't that color...

  8. I love the colours in these, the sky looks such a brilliant blue



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