I Spy With My Little Eye

Often while travelling you spot things that fascinate you the moment you lay your eyes on them. Things that make you stop and stare, flick open your camera and go snap! Sometimes you chance upon them accidentally, and sometimes you are standing right under it, like how I was under this beautiful bubble.

Have a look at what I spied with my little eye :)

The bubbleman, as I would like to call him, was creating these awesome bubbles at Hyde's Park. I was looking for an opportunity to click a nice round bubble, when it passed right over my head.

I guess only in India you get to see an Elephant being carried on a Truck.

This formidable statue of Lord Hanumanji, at Bangalore, is hard to miss.

I was looking for a parking spot when I saw this intriguing Shoe Tree at Sea Cliff Bridge, Sydney. I am yet to find the history behind it. Isn't it fascinating!!

This one scared me. The Wasp Nest I clicked few years ago at a friend's place in Dibrugarh.

Those who are regular at Bondi Beach would have noticed this tree while walking towards Bronte Beach. The toy Lizard is cute, but what's more cuter is the number of plants on this tree. Can you spot all of them?

These round boats at Talakadu makes for a fun ride. For as low as Rs 20, the boatman would take a group of 4-5 people to the center of the river. (Near Bangalore)

I am in love with this street art. If you see carefully, you will notice that the forehead portion is on a different wall. There's a starcase between the two walls. Brilliant Work. (From Circular Quay to Rocks)


  1. Awesome click, Rajlakshmi. Your shutterbug flirts a lot with nature. U in India, abhi?

  2. Great shots - I really love that big bubble.

  3. Wonderful photo shoots Raj! They're ALL great, though I especially love the bubble, the shoe tree (?!)...and would love to know more about that too!, the round boat...looks like fun! ;) <3

  4. cool post. Is that a real elephant? I like the boat photo, but not sure how secure they look.

  5. WOW! Your pictures are so cool and fascinating and all the sights would make me gaze in wonder. So glad you shared them here. Where I live seeing an elephant on the back of a truck would be a big deal and something that would make everyone stop and stare. Cool!

  6. my post is on a bubble too...........


  7. What an amazing site of the elephant on a truck



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