Sea Cliff Bridge, Sydney

Let’s walk along Bald Hill today - a viewpoint just across the main road (around 42 km from Sydney CBD), which provides an incredibly beautiful view of the massive sea and Sea Cliff Bridge. You can even spot the train going round the distant hills. I have visited the place twice – once in the morning and once at sunset. 

Although in the daytime the view is much clearer, it’s the sunset time that I loved the most. The bridge is lit up and looks magical against the purple sky. Don’t forget to drive down and walk along the bridge too. Personally I prefer the evening time, just before sunset.

Bald Hill Lookout

Sea Cliff Bridge, clicked by my husband.

And the purple sunset, clicked from Sea Cliff Bridge


  1. What a pretty and scenic area...great pics!

  2. This is a great lookout point, I have taken quite a few shots of the bridge from this spot, the views here, can be spectacular at times, you managed to get some pretty images.

  3. Purple sunsets are fabulous! Gorgeous images.

  4. What a great place to see the sun set.

  5. What gorgeous shots.

  6. Beautiful views !Greetings from Dubai!! Have a great day!


  7. Oh.... Such a wonderful place!

    Wish that your Christmas was great. Have a nice start of 2015 too.

  8. What a beautiful place and gorgeous views !

  9. Wow, what an amazing place to visit! Love that bridge.

  10. The water is so is gorgeous! ♥


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