Wanderlust Postcards - Melbourne

Destination: Melbourne, Australia

A day in Melbourne

Melbourne is like a city from story books. A beautiful river flowing through the heart of the city, with ferrys transporting people, surrounded by a mixture of bright buildings of past era and newly developed skyscrapers. The massive Crown Casino is a prominent feature of Melbourne skyline, while the huge clock of the railway station stands tall on the other side of the river.

Don't miss the nightlife at Melbourne. The glimmering colorful lights and the breezy reflection would mesmerize you.

I absolutely loved how they have decorated the Trams :D It's sometimes feel strange when while driving you see a tram right behind you :)

Day 1 - 12 Apostles
Day 2 - Beaches
Day 3 - Colac
Day 4 - Dee Why
Day 5 - Eurobodalla  
Day 6 - Fishers Bay
Day 8 - Huskisson
Day 9 - Illawarra
Day 10 - Jervis Bay
Day 11 - Kangaroo Valley
Day 12 - Lake Entrance


  1. Such lovely shots. That pink tram is fascinating! Thanks Raj for sharing these.

  2. Very cool! I spent a lot of time in Australia but missed Melbourne. This post puts it on my definite to-do list for next time. Thanks for sharing these lovely views. I especially liked the trains and colorful sculpture.

  3. I am from Melbourne and so thank you for making it look so lovely.
    Fellow A-Z blogger

  4. Thanks for sharing a bit of Melbourne with me Raj! :) The buildings, architecture, sculptures, and trams are unique and interesting. :) <3

  5. I loved the picture of the old-fashioned horse carriage the best. Thank you for the virtual tour of Melbourne :)
    You are welcome to check my a-z posts here: http://sundarivenkatraman.blogspot.in/

  6. I love Melbourne. Hubby and I went last Easter weekend. Your photos are really clear and lovely.

  7. I fell in love with Melbourne too. If it wasn't so cold and had more beaches, I'd move there. :)


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