The Colors of Fall

It was during one of the conversations with a colleague did I come to know that one can actually see the gorgeous colors of Autumn in Sydney. I had seen them only in pictures, mostly from US when everything looks bright and beautiful during Fall. 

The Autumn in Syndey is from March to May. So last Saturday, I picked my cousins and long with my husband, drove to Blue Mountains. We reached Katoomba in about 2 hours and from there drove to Echo point. It was absolutely chilly and windy that day. The temperature was 10 degree celsius. If you are planning to visit the place, cover yourself, with earmuffs and gloves and everything :)

We went to The Three Sisters Lookout, had some hot chocolate and then walked  towards Lilianfels Park to see the bright red and orange foliage.

The sun was slowly going down the horizon when he started from Echo Point. It looked beautiful, but since the kids were already feeling cold, we decided to watch the sunset some other day.


  1. Amazing pic. Being surrounded by nature is the most beautiful feeling:)

  2. Beautiful fall colors, Raji! Did you edit any of these pictures before posting?

  3. Aweeeesomeeeee....the second pic looks like a riot of colours!! They all are beautiful!!

  4. Lovely photos Raj! Thanks for sharing Sydney's autumn foliage with us! :) <3


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