The Magnificent Blue Mountains

Nature is unbelievably bewitching!! It’s usually when I watch the rolling waves over massive aquamarine sea, I get this feeling of insignificance. But last week, when I stood among the formidable range of Blue Mountains, arrogantly standing tall, I felt so small, so overwhelmed by it’s magnificence. Don’t believe me? Here have a look.

Blackheath was not on my list of must-see places. Few weeks back while I was looking for places with chances of snowfall, I came across Blackheath, a suburb in NSW (Australia), west of Katoomba, approx. 105 km from Sydney city. Google Images were filled with pictures of stunning lookouts and hiking tracks. This was enough for me to pack a picnic and along with my husband, drive off to spend a Saturday in the lap of nature.

Our first stop was Govett’s Leap Lookout, where we parked our car and geared up for hiking. Words cannot describe how stunning and peaceful the place look. Blue is the color that was made just for Australia – blue seas, blue skies… even the mountains look blue.

View of Grose Valley from Govett’s Leap Lookout

We chose to hike till Pulpit Rock Lookout, about 3 km from Govett’s Leap. We encountered numerous lizards with super shiny skin, walked through narrows muddy tracks, steep rocks, swamps, even crossed a gorgeous stream. 

A number of smaller lookouts on the way provided gorgeous views of the valley. 

Phew!!! Almost there … Can you spot the Pulpit Rock?
 Although it was quite sunny, the temperature was just around 10 degrees and I had to wear my coat all through the hike, not to forget the cold winds that suddenly started to blow hard as we got to the other side of the mountain.

Looking back at Bridal Falls, Horseshoe falls and Govett’s Lookout.

Can you see the amazing rainbow pattern that formed towards the bottom of the waterfall!! πŸ˜€
The road ahead, along the cliffline
After two and half hours, there we were, at Pulpit Rock Lookout. We stayed there for long, capturing the moment, feeling the winds, soaking in the stunningness.
We made it… Yayyy … Pulpit Rock Lookout!!
That Dizzy’ing View… I had goosebumps all over my hand, just by the thought of walking down. Holding on to the railings, I did walk down. You don’t let these moments just pass by.
You can take the same route back to Govett’s Lookout. But we decided to take the Hat Hill Road, through Clarence Street to reach the car park. Took us another hour to cover 5 km.

17 thoughts on “The Magnificent Blue Mountains

  1. OMG. i wish i were here too. Your photos are great. I thought we are from the same country, but your name seems different. Anyway….

  2. The falls look amazing. I want to go on a hike but my lazy husband is not up for it! Fabulous shots as usual! πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful photography of a magnificent area. It is small wonder that it took explorers so many years to find a way to cross these ranges.

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