I've Got A Crush On The World !!

Hello all the wanderlust souls out there :)

Today let me share with you some of the beautiful views I was fortunate enough to experience -  from my instagram account (@rajlakshmihb)

That moment when you fall in love with stillness
@ Lake Entrance, Australia

A photo posted by Rajlakshmi (@rajlakshmihb) on

I could go on and on ... let me stop here for now :) Until next time...


  1. Such beautiful photos! Hope I make it to Australia one day. It's on my wish list of places I'd like to go to. Wish it wasn't so bloody far away from Canada though.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous.. each one better than the last...

  3. Wow - stunning work!

  4. I like the rippled reflections in the first shot. - Margy

  5. Love that opening image


  6. I think my first comment got lost in the Ethernet. Enjoyed this lovely post. Thanks for sharing


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