Of Avoca Wetlands & Terrigal Beach

Sydney's weather has been really moody the past few weeks.  From 46 degree Celsius to 20 Degree C the very evening, rain, thunderstorms and a clear sky ... sometimes on the same day. After the big Christmas trip, this was our first short day trip on the weekend. Although it wasn't sunny, thankfully the skies weren't grumbling.

I know many prefer the stunning beaches of South Coast, but the charm of Central Coast is undeniable too. We started towards Gosford late in the morning. A missed turn took us to Avoca Wetlands first: lovely spot for all your favourite outdoor activities: picnic, fishing, kayaking. And if you are lucky you will be rowing alongside the beautiful Black Swans. 

Terrigal Beach is one of the well known beaches of Central Coast. We parked our car and walked up the head, to the lookout.

It's when I turned back, to walk down the steps, the landscape in front me blew me away. Rolling mountains, snaking coastline, green hilly terrains and a dramatic sky!! 

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, "This is what it is to be happy.” 


  1. Man!! Your photos and Australia!! I need to see both of you real soon ;) :)


  2. Absolutely gorgeous captures, Rajlakshmi!

  3. Speechless! The B&W shots are stunning. Absolutely stunning! Thank you for this visual treat, Raj.

  4. :) I had to scroll thrice before I read what you wrote, Rajlakshmi! The photos are stunning! and so are you! Thanks so much for the visual treat!

  5. Oh that looks so lovely! Your pics are so great - I love hiking along the coast line! Fun to see from other parts of the world too.


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