I've Got a Crush on the World - 2

I was tagged by my Blogger friend Parul to do the 7 Days Nature Photo Challenge on Facebook. Although I was supposed to tag 7 other people, I wasn't very good at it ;) So I invite anyone who wishes to take up the Challenge :)

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Country - Australia
1. Terrigal Beach 
Remember by last post on Avoca and Terrigal Beach. I am still hungover on it's stunning landscape. 

2. Canberra
A beautiful sunny afternoon, after long winter days. This was clicked last year when I visited Canberra to see Floriade and Tulips Garden - so 'fairytale'ish'.

3. Somewhere between Pulpit Rock and Govetts Lookout, Blackheath

Sometimes all you need to do is look back, that's when hits the mammoth change in perspective. A realisation dawns on how much you have travelled, who were left behind and who tightly held your hand. There would be times when you would marvel, rooted to the ground, amazed by what this world can offer !!

4. Terrigal Beach
I can't seem to get over it :) The cliff lines do that to me every time.

5. Narooma

This was our pit stop a year ago, during our 8 days long road trip, from Sydney to 12 Apostles. Refreshing, to say the least.

6. Clovelly Beach

Sunrise, betwitching the world since the beginning of time.

7. The Gorgeous Blue Mountains

This gorgeous range of mountains still leave me mesmerised. I have spent many weekends bushwalking in these hilly terrains, climbing alongside waterfalls, hiking 'neath the Three Sisters Rocks ... perfect place for nature lovers and adventure seekers!!

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  1. Your pictures look like paintings. They're beautiful.

  2. These pictures are stunning and such a great idea to do it on the blog as well. I am going to follow you there :) :)

  3. Your photos are great! I love Terrigal Beach. Those cliffs are dreamy.

  4. I still remember your Canberra post and how you had me transported to that fairytale land :)
    All stunning pictures! :)

  5. Such stunning pictures Raj and such spectacular view!! And your details are truly a delight! :)


  6. Absolutely stunning pictures Raj, so glad you shared these!

  7. I join everyone else in saying "beautiful pictures". I've never been to Australia. It's been a lifetime dream. Thank you for sharing your trip with me.

  8. I can totally see why you have a crush on the world, because you live in a very beautiful part of it


  9. Okay, I honestly don't know which one to choose over the other. These pics alone would form a part of my bucketlist, I imagine. Simply stunning landscapes

  10. Beautiful pictures, the first one is picture is particularly nice.

  11. I love seeing the world through others' lenses

  12. Wow - amazing shots.


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