Vivid Sydney @ Martin Place

Continuing from my previous post on Vivid Sydney installations at Circular Quay, let's walk inside the CBD, away from the waterfront, towards Martin Place, where movies like Superman and Matrix were shot.

A light block on the way at Pitt Street.

Name - True Life

I reached Martin Place half an hour before 6.  The structures were not illuminated yet. I walked around the place, admiring the creativity and handwork that must have gone into making the light show a success. 

As soon as the clock strike 6, all of them lit up in thousand hues.


Fountain - of somersaulting men.

Mountain of Light

The Geometrics felt like watching the last scene of Batman vs Superman. The scene looked even more spectacular as it had started drizzling and the rain drops glimmered while the light played in the sky.

This is the last week of Vivid Sydney, the annual festival of light. If you are travelling to Sydney, don't forget to catch a glimpse of the stunning light show. For more check out the Vivid website.


  1. I didn't know Superman and the Matrix were shot there. Which Superman. And a whole week of this spectacle, you must got nuts, I mean where do u look? Wonderful captures. Fountain of Somersaulting Men, hilarious.

    1. Superman returns... the car scene was shot here :) Yeah it is pretty exciting to see all the lights :D

  2. Colorful images.. the night really brings the magic out.


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