Rolling hills of Gerringong

Last Saturday I got to enjoy a slice of Tuscany in Australia. About a 150 km north from where I stay in Sydney, is this emerald paradise, a popular wedding photography location called Gerringong - Rolling green hills, acres and acres of grassy land and a spectacular view of the azure sea. Add to the mix a crisp cerulean sky, and you get a perfect one day weekend getaway. As we are at the tail end of winter, the weekend was blessed with a balmy weather and cool winds.

Packed with water bottles, hot drinks and warm clothes (in case the weather bailed on us) we drove towards Gerringong. I always stop by Mt Pleasant, even if it's for few minutes. This view is so much similar to the ones I used to paint with my little fingers when I was kid. Tell me if you don't feel refreshed already.

Mt Pleasant, right off Princess Highway

We drove past Werri Beach, towards the rock pool, looking for a good vantage point. 

Luckily, the car park wasn't too busy. Although I was excited to see the scenery from the top, the hill was quite steep. I was out of breath by the time I reached the top. But it was the view that really made me breathless.

I love how benches are placed at proper spots for visitors to sit and enjoy the scene.

When the wild wind blows and the leaves turn, a tree changes its colors.
We walked further and came across Gerringong Cemetery. You can reach this spot by driving too as a car park is available nearby.

Free Access
On Google Maps - Look for Werri Beach Rock Pool, park your car and then walk uphill.

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  1. What breathtaking pictures! I think I've said this before but the colours in your pictures seem more vibrant than those in real life.

  2. Ohh beautiful! Love the visual treat you take us through your photos. Tuscany and Australia, in one place! It's gold! :)

  3. A gorgeous post with so many beautiful images. The park is outstanding

  4. Fabulous pictures, Rajlakshmi! Loved it!

  5. Amazing clicks Rajlakshmi! Feeling a lil jealous that you get to visit there. It looks so good just in pictures, I can't imagine how breath taking the scenes must be to behold with naked eyes.

  6. Rajlakshmi, stole my heart with these clicks gain!!!!

  7. What a wonderful place! I love the places you go out to explore.

  8. What a lovely trip. The scenery is truly awesome!

  9. The south coast of New South Wales is so beautiful. When I lived in Sydney, I often travelled down to Kiama and occasionally went further to Gerringong. I did not see the cemetery, however.

  10. I just love the curved beach and the view from that chair :)

    Destination Infinity

  11. I have been to Sydney twice, both times for a few day getaway, without a car. Now I want to go back. These photos are lovely, what a magical spot you found.

  12. Spectacular pictures and those views are breathtaking. You make me want to visit the place right away! Thanks so much for taking us along, Rajlakshmi. :)


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