Katoomba Falls, Blue Mountains

Katoomba Falls - located in UNESCO World heritage site Blue Mountains, is a segmented waterfall on river Kedumba, in the region of New South Wales (Australia), about 103 Km from Sydney CBD.

Since I stay comparatively nearer, it took me around an hour to reach Katoomba. Parking the car at a park near Scenic World East Station and I walked down the well maintained pathway towards Katoomba Falls Reserve.

From here, the boardwalks take you towards various bushwalking paths that visitors can take.

There are a lot of lookout points along the way, where you can see the stunning Blue Mountains from different angles.

Blue Mountains is a great place for hiking, a favorite of many adventure lovers, including me. But today, I was just casually strolling along the cliff, picking easy routes, enjoying the view that lay in front of me.

Cable car, carrying passengers from Scenic View to Sky way East Station. In the backdrop you can see the iconic Three Sisters Rock.

Katoomba Falls

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Katoomba Falls and The Three Sisters Rock

Nearby Attraction: Echo Point
How to Reach: Drive towards Scenic World, Parking available in Katoomba Park
No Entry Fees


5 Stunning Lookouts in Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains - Scenic Cableway
The magnificent Blue Mountains

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  1. These photographs are absolutely gorgeous!! Sigh!! Thank you for taking me on this virtual trip with you.

    Modern Gypsy

  2. Wow :)
    So stunning :)
    Thank you for sharing :))

  3. Thanks to you, Rajlakshmi, I get to enjoy the beauty of Australia! Lucky me! ♡♡

  4. The pictures of Blue Mountains have always fascinated me. Hope someday I could go and see them with my eyes in real.

  5. The Three Sisters look majestic and the cable car is scary. I never could get on one and feel comfortable.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Someday I would like to visit the blue mountains. Thanks for sharing.

  7. So, so so very beautiful! But I could never ride one of those! So scared of heights!

  8. What gorgeous views! And so different from our own Blue Mountains down south

  9. Breathtaking! I am in complete awe of so many things that you do and do well, too! Just loving the scenic views of this place :)

  10. The pics of Blue Mountains are amazing! Wow!

  11. Gorgeous views! Love the views and that cable car. Wow! This place is going on my list :)

  12. The pictures and views are splendid. Place added to my must go list. 😊

  13. Wonderful scenic place. I hope I get the opportunity to visit once at least!

  14. Oh we should have stayed longer in Sydney to see more areas near Katoomba. We tried going to the Prince Henry Cliff Walk that time but it was closed for renovation. That was in Dec 2014, how i wish to go back and try other routes. I also haven't seen the falls which my friend saw with bigger water than your photo.

  15. Loved the view of the three sisters! Gorgeous pics! :)

  16. This is a very popular spot that I've seen this featured in a few blogs that I read.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  17. Thanks for sharing you beautiful journey! I love parks with waterfalls and make an effort to hike to them.

  18. wow.. gorgeous.. im afraid to travel on mountain roads though

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my earlier post :D

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  19. This is stunning .I have never been to the blue mountains. But now . I can dream about them

  20. OMG the view is stunning.. just mesmerizingly beautiful.. especially the view from the sky.. wow.. wish i could visit this place..

  21. The rock formations remind me of Mahabaleshwar a bit. :)

  22. wow! such a beautiful place, hope to go there sometime!


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