Postcards from Hunter Valley, Australia

Hunter Valley is Australia’s oldest and most famous wine region. With numerous Cellar doors, wine tasting tours and picturesque location, this is a perfect weekend getaway. Last year I went on a Road trip with my husband to Hunter Valley from Sydney, around 162 km from CBD. Although it wasn’t the right season and the vineyards were still young, I got to eat some cheese, drink and watch a stunning clear sky at night. 

We stayed in a motel at Cessnock, which is like a gateway to Hunter Valley, as the prices were much more affordable than Polkobin or Lovedale. The next morn we had breakfast at a local cafe plus souvenir shop, drove around the village till afternoon, and got to witness some amazing views.

Here’s my favourite photos from Hunter Valley.

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34 thoughts on “Postcards from Hunter Valley, Australia

  1. In love with your photography πŸ™‚
    Do you mind, if I us them in my blogposts ?? Provided that the full credit is given to you and your website ?? πŸ™‚

  2. By the way, you brought back lovely memories of a post I wrote some months back about the Hunter Valley wine region – I did extensive research, far more than I needed to, simply because it was so fascinating!

  3. Wow. I love your backbend right there. Such a great feeling to visit such vast spaces, Raj. Beautiful photos! πŸ™‚ I especially enjoy seeing that road and imagine speeding on it on a motorbike!

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