Postcards from Kiama, Australia

Classic countryside with long snaking shores, view of rolling hills and stunning coastal walks – if you are looking for a quick weekend getaway near Sydney, a drive down south to Kiama is place to be. 

I have been here numerous times, mostly as a pitstop while driving further south. The last time I was here, we were blessed with a gorgeous weather. The clouds formed formations, and the shimmering surface of deep blue sea caught their reflection, resulting in a sight so mesmerising that one could just sit there and watch.

Walking further, towards the Lighthouse, you can see the Rock Pool adjoining the sea, which during summers is filled with toddlers and adults, enjoying a swim.
The Rock Pool

Latite – The black basaltic-looking volcanic rock near Kiama Blowhole 
 I have tried to see the water spurt out of blowhole almost three times now, but always been unfortunate. While many visitors got to see the water reach as high as 20 meters on their first visit.

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20 thoughts on “Postcards from Kiama, Australia

  1. Amazing clicks…and so tempting. I just want to be there right now…it is just beyond imagination…beautiful….I think words are less to describe the charm it has spread across all our hearts. Keep posting such pictures.

  2. Wow! Lovely pictures, Raj! The blue sky and sea just stole my heart. Like a crystal clear affair between two bluey beauties (sky and sea) 🙂

  3. Rajlakshmi, what a lovely place. Your description of Blowhole makes me think of Thunderhole in Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island in Bar Harbor, Maine. The shoreline at Thunderhole is shaped like a horseshoe, so when the tide comes it and strikes that point it will shot the waves up in the air a long way making the loudest crashing sounds ever. It sounds like a bomb. We witnessed this once and it was absolutely thrilling! Thanks for sharing your WW photos with us. Have a fototastic day!

  4. This series pf pictures in this post caught my eye for a different reason – the colour blue. I kept thinking of posts related to my own state, Kerala. Invariably there is so much green in those pics thanks to the trees and whatnot. I had stopped by Aseem Rastogi's recent blogpost and that was on Greenland – the pics were all so white, thanks to the snow all around. The worlds you show me are ones I may never get to see… thanks for allowing me to live it vicariously. I think I should say that more often

  5. Simply marvellous Raj! Are you actually giving out these picture postcards? I mean as free downloads? Spectacular shots! I had been to see these blow-hole points on my trip to Sydney a few years ago. I even have the video, it is simply amazing!

  6. Wow, Rajlakshmi! What picturesque surroundings! As I gazed longingly at the pictures, I visualised myself there, enjoying the scenic beauty!

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