The Silver Tree

These tall silvery trees looked pretty amazing against the green backdrop. I chanced upon them while driving out of Tulip Top Garden, few minutes away from Federal Highway, on the way to Canberra. 

They presented a start contrast in nature. The hills were the color of Spring, bright, vibrant and full of life, while these trees told stories of harsh winter and lonely dusty roads. 

I am sure this road must look pretty spooky at night. But for a moment, the serene solitude of the landscape had captured me, made me walk down the memory land, to a home far far away.


  1. Really gorgeous! What a great contrast.

  2. This is so beautiful, and I agree this tree will appear right out of a horror movie in the dark. Such beautiful clicks :)

  3. There is just something about trees without leaves. They tell stories, spooky sometimes, fascinating other times. Here in upstate New York, of course, we have months and months to look at such trees.

  4. I loved the pictures, Raj, but I loved your words more! You have described the aura of the place so beautifully! Almost, poetic! :)

  5. It does look stunning. Wonderful shots. And I can only echoe your fear of riding through the road at night ;)

  6. Nature never fails to amaze us, does it? I love these pictures but as Maliny pointed out, it'd be a perfect setting for a horror movie at night! :D

    Expressing Life

  7. They are gorgeous. I thought I was a colour person and yet this looks so majestic in it's starkness.

  8. The trees Look spent but with a little tlc from nature and some time, they will be back to their happy selves. Great photography skills :)

  9. Uff! Those images are so beautiful that I could cry!! Out of happiness, of course

  10. Absolutely gorgeous. The contrast is amazing.


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