I heart Rainbows II

Although the temperature in my suburb reached a shocking 47C (116.6F), Sydney was blessed with rain and cool weather few weeks back (oh how much I am missing those beautiful evenings now). During those blessed cool afternoons, I got to see a couple a rainbows too.

I saw them form right in front of my eyes, slowly, covering the sky with those bright hues. And then, a double rainbow would gradually form on top of the first one. These are the little things that makes my day memorable. I have seen rainbows so many times and yet everytime a smile would spread across my face with a child-like excitement of spotting a rainbow.


  1. After reading here, I was able to spot the second rainbow... It is beautiful. Indeed it is something that can put a smile on each face in those hot summer days. :)

  2. Oh this is beautiful! I heart rainbows too and Sydney, ofcourse, is special :)

  3. Beautiful ..sign..

  4. What a lovely sight!!! Nature's blessing indeed...

  5. Beautiful rainbows captured on film. I had seen some lovely rainbows at Niagara Falls.

  6. You saw it take form?
    So pretty!

  7. Love rainbows, too !
    That first one is so bright !

  8. They bring out the child in me too - they are so beautiful - I love to watch them with my kids who are equally fascinated 🙂

  9. Wow it's so beautiful. It's been ages since I have spotted a rainbow :( :(

  10. They say a double rainbow is lucky. :) Of course, lovely capture too.

  11. This is fantastic - two rainbows in a single frame - I'm sure that's the harbinger of some kind of great good fortune.

  12. I love rainbows too. Your second picture is my kind of picture. Absolutely beautiful suburb you have got, Raji :)


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