Travel Tales: 5 Postcards from Vivid #atozchallenge

Location: Vivid Sydney, Australia

Vivid Sydney is a cultural event that happens annually in the Asia Pacific region during the month of May and June. This year the festival will start on 26th May till 17th June. Spectacular light shows and music, performances by world reowned artists are the highlight of the event. There are lot of idea exchange programs, forums, talks and debates by leading critical thinkers.

Presenting before you some of the highlights of Vivid Sydney from previous years. Check out the beautiful art instalments that were placed in different areas in Sydney CBD.

MCA building drenched in electronic colors :D

The Cathedral of Light
Dolly, with the Sydney Bridge at the backdrop

Lighting of the sails, a light show on iconic Sydney Opera House

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  1. Oh my what vivid colours and extravagnza - this looks like such a pretty ball Raj - thanks for sharing!!!

    ​Vanillabeans & Peppercorns

  2. in one word spectacular ! you are a super blogger for sure !
    here from atoz

  3. Those are mind blowing pics, Raj! What a treat watching the scenes must have been!

  4. wow! i had no idea about this festival... the buildings are looking spectacular lit up!

  5. As it is, you provide some of the best shot pics... but even in that set, these are beautiful!

    Meghan Vogel is a Shining Example of Sportsmanship

  6. These are fascinating! I never saw the Sydney Opera House lit up like that...


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