Travel Tales: Delhi #atozchallenge

Location: Red Fort, Delhi

There was a hint of a long forgotten fragrance in air, probably from the tress. As the taxi drove from the airport to my friend's house, zooming through wide Delhi roads, I kept fiddling with my memory, trying to figure out why this scent was so familiar. 

I was impressed by Delhi's electric mix of century old historical structures and modern day advancements. Although, the city has been in bad light for many reasons, yet you can't deny the rich experience a traveller may feel on landing in the capital of India. 

I braved the crowded lanes of Chandni Chowk, crammed with people, rickshaws and street stalls, to visit Red Fort. The brick red architecture stood out against the horizon. It took me back to history classes in school, when I would circle each monument's name, dreaming of visiting them someday. 

The beautiful architecture of Mumtaz Mahal

I enjoyed the evening walk at Connaught Place, flanked by rows of posh stores while the underground markets at Palika Bazaar kinda reminded me of my home state. 

Delhi reminds me of spicy panipuri, delicious parathe and a missed plane because my train my 5 hours late. 

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  1. Beautiful photographs. Delhi looks like a wonderful place to visit.

  2. I had visited the red fort in 2012 and was very disappointed with it. Most of its open spaces were like army barracks and rest was under rennovation - it hardly had looked like a fort to me.
    Maybe its time I revisited it - lovely pics Raj :-)
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  3. Lovely pics, Raj. I was waiting to know what the long forgotten fragrance would be though!:)

  4. It's always nostalgic to read about Delhi, My home for most of my life.Pics are impeccable buddy.

  5. The pictures are a delight, Raj! I've never been to Red Fort,but I have been tp Agra Fort and it is equally magnificent! You should visit it too anytime along with the gorgeous Taj Mahal!


  6. Brought back many memories of visits to Delhi. I love the Mughal architecture. Must've been so grand in those days. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Delhi is a Paradise when it comes to Heritage ,culture, shopping and food. did you visit the market outside Red Fort? it's beautiful you can buy lot of trinkets and little knick-knacks .Connaught Place is the plush shopping area of Delhi with lovely eateries and one can spend hours here. love your clicks as usual

  8. Beautiful architecture! India is so rich with culture. Thanks for sharing your travels.

    Debbie @ THE DOGLADY'S DEN
    Latest Post: DAY AFTER DAY: True love reigns!

  9. I loved these quaint little places in Delhi too! Brought back memories of our visit. Great pics!!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  10. Such a lovely shots! Loved the post too :)

  11. I've only been there once. And it was a Connaught Place kinda visit along with a Punjabi wedding so was lots of fun :)


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