Travel Tales: Empress Falls #atozchallenge

Location: Empress Falls, Suburb – Wentworth Falls (Sydney)

On my first visit, I was surprised to find this beautiful waterfall while hiking in the Blue Mountains. 3 hours had gone by since I started the hike. I was sweaty and my legs were slowly starting to feel the strain. The sound of rushing water, overhead vegetation and a cool mini water pool provided the much needed rest I was longing for. Nestled in the lush green mountains, Empress falls tumbles down a series of cliffs, into a sandy pool. Absolutely peaceful and pretty, with a view of the mountains looming high – all I needed was a book to read, while I rested my back on the rocks. This is a hot spot for abseiling and I could spot a couple, carefully climbing down the waterfall, with go-pro mounted on their helmets.

Since then I have been here twice, but taking a shorter route (1 hr return) from Conservation Hut. The trek is graded as hard, that involves climbing steep staircases, walking in narrow paths and under over head rocks. 

I wanted to go further down the track, but my husband and his friend spotted a tiny little green ‘snake’ or so they thought hiding in one of the stairs which I had just climbed. After that they refused to budge from their place with a scaredy look on their face and I had to climb down, careful not to step on the stair with the snake. We retraced our way back to Conservation Hut. I suspect it must have been a stem or a bark and not a snake that scared them off. {Rolling Eyes}

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18 thoughts on “Travel Tales: Empress Falls #atozchallenge

  1. This looks so beautiful! The wonderful sights that you get to see during the trek makes all the hardwork to get there worth it!

  2. I loved the virtual tour around these falls. Don't know if and when I will visit Sydney – but I love that I can get a virtual tour through your beautiful photos + words.

  3. Lovely pics. And well, if it's a tiny bright green snake, they tend to be harmless actually. They are the type which can kind of 'stand up' even if you hold just their tail. The region you described does sound like one in which they would be found.

  4. We are back to Australia? I thought it will be just Indian posts this time. No worries..loved reading about t too 🙂

  5. I don't know if I will ever be able to visit Sydney, but your post gives me a virtual tour into a piece of its beauty. 🙂 A poetic prose.

  6. Wow, is it Thursday already where you live? I was confused to see the letter E!

    We were in the Blue Mountains region on our Australia Honeymoon. It was the only place we encountered kangaroos (outside zoos and parks). Unforgettable!

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