Travel Tales: Hawkesbury River #atozchallenge

Location: Warrah Lookout (Central coast, NSW, Australia)

I fell in love with the silence, with the wind that caressed my face, blowing a thousand kisses. I fell in love with the river that was made of dreams - blue and beautiful.

The shimmering water of Hawkesbury river, as seen from Warrah Lookout, makes you fall in love with the Australian Coastal terrain, again and again. Located in Central Coast, this lookout is only about 500m from the car park and provides stunning view of the river and Broken Bay.

Afar is the mouth of the river - Broken Bay

The view from Mooney Mooney will draw you in too, specially while driving on the highway towards central coast, when the hills suddenly pave way to the stunning view of waterbody. It looks ridiculously perfect in this imperfect world.

Peats Ferry Bridge Over Hawkesbury River, from Kangaroo Point.

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  1. Beautiful blues. Australia is so tempting to visit because of the variety of natural beauty!

  2. Amazing post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amazing post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. OH MY this is so beautiful! <3

  5. The Hawkesbury river is enormous, isn't it? It's my journey back home whenever I come down to Sydney

    Harrisham Rhyme - Over

  6. Australia is beautiful tourist place and pictures are so soothing
    Beautifully penned, Thanks for sharing
    Dr. Bushra
    Do visit mine
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  8. Lovely ! Australia is on my bucket list and do they have dives at the Great Battier reef? Curious to know

  9. I am loving your posts Raj- seeing OZ with your eyes and through your blog! I have been planning a trip there for past 2 years; whenever it materialises, I am going to remember all your posts to plan it! ;-)

    Theme: Peregrination Chronicles (travel)
    H is for a stinky high at ChangLa pass in Ladhakh #atozchallenge

  10. Could look at these pictures all day. What a sense of peace! Australia is so vast and beautiful!


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