Travel Tales: Jorhat #atozchallenge

Location: Jorhat, Assam (India)

Time seems to have stand still in Jorhat. An idyllic town surrounded by rich rice fields and army cantonments. Garali, the central shopping area,  with its rows and rows of rustic shops look  the same since I first visited the place 20 years ago.  The only place teeming with people,  where you will find all the hustle and bustle of a city.  

The rest of Jorhat consists of residential area,  numerous schools and colleges.  It’s also known as the education city of Assam. If you happen to be at at Barua Charali in the evening,  you will be caught in the mad rush of vivid uniforms, flocking the Auto Stand to go home. 

Life Moves slowly in Jorhat . The town wakes up quite early as the sunrise is usually at 5 am. And by 6 pm in summers,  the sun had already set. Unlike Sydney,  where I currently reside,  the shops open till 8pm to 9pm everyday,  except Sunday, when most shops are closed. 

Central Jaill- The tall brick colored walls prominently standing high with only an iron gate as the entrance. The Jailers’s quarters were opposite to the Jail, and between the  two ran a road.  The road I used to walk everyday while going to school . Sometimes you will even find prisoners  in white shirts and shorts,  working in the gardens, planting vegetables and other crops, shepherded by a strict looking jail personnel.

Just five minutes drive from there is the beautiful and massive campus of Assam Agriculture University, where students from all over north east flock to study different sciences and do research and development. 

A glimpse of my hometown.

Inside a Horticulture section in Assam Agriculture University

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11 thoughts on “Travel Tales: Jorhat #atozchallenge

  1. Your hometown looks nice, Raj. ☺ It's always interesting to see where other people are born and raised.

  2. Ohhhhhh you took me back in time. I did not live in Jorhat but spent so much time there. My father was the Vice Chancellor at AAU. And my older one was born at the Airforce hospital. Those were some very memorable and fascinating years.

    Thank you for taking me back in time. ��������

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  3. Looks idyllic! Assam is on my very long list of places to visit – I hope to be able to make a trip there soon. 🙂

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