Travel Tales: Kiama #atozchallenge

Location: Kiama (NSW, Australia)

I love the meandering roads that lead to this idyllic coastal town of Australia, flanked by lime green hills on one side and the massive blue sea on the other. So incredibly perfect in this beautiful broken world. They stare back at me – like a painting, calm and poised, proud and sophisticated, fully aware of the effect they have on the humans scuttering on well maintained pavements. 

My visits to this town has been limited to a couple of hours, usually as a pit stop while driving further south. It’s always windy here. Kiama is also known for Blow Hole where water springs to a height of 20 meters. Most of the people I know have seen that on their first visit. But fate is not so kind to me as everytime I visit, there’s not enough tide. One more reason to keep visiting this serene town.

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  1. Pretty pictures of what sure looks a wonderful place, as perfect as your asanas. Hats off for perfecting both this AtoZ! Keep it up!

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